Mary Kaye will be releasing her newest Western music CD this Spring.  She is offering several exciting pre-order packages that will give fans of her music a chance to become part of the adventure and part of the production of this wonderful new music.  Visit this link  Mary Kaye Pre Order Packages for New CD
or watch this video for more details on how you can get a boot in the stirrup.

Critically Acclaimed & Multiple Award Winning

"Mary Kaye delivers a spellbinding, emotional vocal performance in every song she sings."

“Mary Kaye has entered the echelon of great songwriters with her latest album."
- True West Magazine

"...this is the kind of voice that only comes from heaven."
- Marvin O'Dell, Musikcode Records

"Mary Kaye is one of the strongest singers working today."
- Big Sky Journal

"Mary Kaye is a major find.... She possesses a voice that defies categorization."

2014 Nipper Award - Best Western/Americana Female Artist - AnOdeMan Records
2013 Top Cowboy Song - "Jealous of the Moon" - American Cowboy Magazine
2013 Female Performer of the Year - Western Music Association
2013 Songwriter of the Year - Western Music Association
2013 Spur Award - Best Western Song - "Any Name Will Do" - Western Writers of America
2013 Best Solo Musician - Editor's Choice - True West Magazine
2012 Song of the Year - "No Wilder Place" - Western Music Association
2011 Female Performer of the Year - The Academy of Western Artists
2010 Female Vocalist of the Year - Western Music Association
2010 Crescendo Award Winner - Western Music Association

#1 Western Album: The Dawn and The Dusk - 3rd Quarter 2013
#1 Western Album: No Wilder Place - Debuted at #1 - 2nd Quarter 2012
#1 Western Song: "Luckiest Cowgirl" - No Wilder Place - 4th Quarter 2012

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